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[Last updated June 2nd, 2020] Full disclosure: Our company, Sabramedia, develops the Pigeon Paywall solution listed below. We created this list because our solution may not fit your needs. It's...
Well, it's finally happened. Last week TechCrunch's exposé on Facebook's bad acting sent social media into a frenzy. The veritable data collection dam has broken; years and years of private data...
Introducing Version 4 of our Pigeon admin area! Version 3 of our platform has been with us since 2009. It was time for a renovation. Over the past year, we have rebuilt much of the...
The value of local journalism and news reporting sources is becoming more apparent. Bloomberg recently reported on a study done by the University of Notre Dame and the University of Illinois at...
Do content publishers that work with third party SaaS companies (paywall, CMS, etc) own the rights to their customers? Or does the tech company have final say?
The paywall and subscription management service choices may be narrowing again. What could a possible merger between the two paywall tech giants mean?
Pigeon Archive makes it possible for newspapers, magazines, county offices, lawyers to turn their print archive into a searchable digital archive. Restrict and monetize with the built-in Pigeon Paywall.
Three principles for balancing the content-to-ad ratio in order to increase your revenues and to provide the most value to your customers.
The most important revenue source is growing again. Subscriptions. A large contributor to this growth is digital access and paywall strategies.
John Paton, CEO of Digital First Media, recently gave a pep talk to his employees. One of the hardest things for humanity to embrace is change. Admittedly, not all change is good. But when the...
Part 2 in a series, How To Setup Paid Subscriptions For Media Organizations, explains what to look for in a third-party paywall and subscription management vendor. In-house Versus Third Party...
It is important to understand how paywalls work before you pick one for your online newspaper or digital content website.
Paywalls, paid content, and subscription management are getting a lot of attention. This series shares how you can navigate the technology and best practices for setting up a paywall and subscription management.
[VIDEO] John and Justin Rumbach share their thoughts about Sabramedia Newsroom paid content management system and subscription management software.
Nick Johnson shares his experience at the Hoosier State Press Association annual meeting. A lot was shared about content and workflow, but there needs to be more about beauty of presentation.
Newspaper publishers commonly ask if we can offer just our paywall and subscriber management software as a plugin to their current Content Mangement System (CMS). Due to growing demand we now offer our Paywall service as a plugin that can be installed on any other CMS.
Do you have a love-hate relationship with writing proposals? You want to put the time in doing the research and providing a great proposal, but are torn by the uncertainty that you will even get the project. Frustrating to say the least. Learn more in an article published by my partner, Jonathan Wold, at Smashing Magazine.
What's new from the Sabramedia team in 2012? Let's start with a paraphrase of the old proverb: "A company without vision will perish." Catch up on where we are going in 2012.
Company changes that will help Sabramedia better serve national and local clients. Stronger focus shift to online newspaper and media audience.
Set a high standard for journalism. Principles for ad layouts on newspaper websites. A comparison of what is good and what is bad.