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Stop Writing Project Proposals

Do you have a love-hate relationship with writing proposals? You want to put the time in doing the research and providing a great proposal, but are torn by the uncertainty that you will even get the project. Frustrating to say the least. We believe proposal writing or "Project Evaluations" should be such an important aspect of any web development project that clients should want to pay for it.

My partner Jonathan Wold explains the philosophy behind paid project evaluations in an article published today at Smashing Magazine - Stop Writing Project Proposals.


  • maryam 2.17.12

    Thanks a lot , It was a super great read. Do you know of any good project evaluation sample online that you can refer to?


  • Yaco 9.29.15

    It is a great article and definitely agree with several points made. The article seems to have gone offline however, I read it a week or two ago but today it turns up a "Bad Gateway" warning.