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Announcing Pigeon V4

Introducing Version 4 of our Pigeon admin area! Version 3 of our platform has been with us since 2009. It was time for a renovation. Over the past year, we have rebuilt much of the interface with scalability and beauty in mind.

New Look and Feel

Out with the charcoal grays and in with a brighter interface. It feels like turning on the light when changing over to V4. We have made full use of the browser window space giving more elements breathing room. The navigation has moved from the top to the sidebar with a more logical button order. You can also collapse the navigation in order to give you even more working space.

Bye Bye Buttons

A big change is the reduction or minimizing of buttons. We removed buttons completely in some interfaces and use background intelligence to determine when to save. For example, in People Manager, just make a change to the name and it will automatically commit the change. You don’t have to scroll down and click a Save button anymore.


You now have more control over orders than before. We also included more tools like the “Collecting" status for “Invoice for payment later” scenarios. You can use this to quickly filter orders/invoices you are waiting to collect on. It’s important to note that plan changes don’t get assigned an invoice if no payment is generated. It’s simply there to track term changes for auditing purposes. Invoice numbers are assigned to all orders that require a paid transaction.

Communication Platform

The communication platform is continuing to mature. The message editor has received various improvements, and there are now more ways to target your communications to specific segments of your audience.

More Scalable and Faster Development

We put a lot of thought into the underlying structure of the interface to ensure we have a solid foundation to build upon for years to come. We’ve created a thorough design system designed for ease of development. This will enable our growing team of developers to more quickly build new features that will help you manage and grow your business better.

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