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How Local Newspapers Can Help High School Journalism

More high school newspapers are moving or want to move to the web. Wouldn't it be great if the local community newspaper provided an area on their website for high school student journalists to post their articles? What could a synergy like this look like?

  1. The high school student would get a limited writer account on the community newspaper website.
  2. The student would post their story or news to a designated area on the newspaper's website. Publishing would require editor approval.
  3. The newspaper's professional editor could review and give feedback to the student, thus further enhancing the student's experience and education.
  4. Once the editor approves the article it is published on the high school news directory for subscribers to read.
  5. Optionally the editor could choose to publish some of the student articles in the physical paper. Wouldn't that make a student journalist excited?

We just had this aha! moment this week and realized that a currently unutilized feature we developed into Newsroom would allow for a local newspaper to offer this as a community service to their local high school.

So if you are newspaper out there and think this is a great idea let us know. If you are a high school journalism teacher or student journalist, pass this idea on. We think it would be a great value to the community and student journalism.