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Introducing Pigeon Paywall

Newspaper publishers commonly ask if we can offer just our paywall and subscriber management software as a plugin to their current Content Mangement System (CMS). Due to growing demand we now offer our Paywall service as a plugin that can be installed on any other CMS (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more). Have a CMS written in ASP? Our plugin will work with Microsoft too.

Visit the new Pigeon Paywall website

Here are some highlights:

Paywall Models

We like to imagine your content as a garden and the wall surrounding it simply protects your investment. Pigeon paywall offers various models that can be used to lead readers to subscribe, thus leading them through your proverbial gate:

  1. Full paywall - Requires subscription to view content behind the wall.
  2. Metered - Set the number of pages a user can see a month before being led into the subscription funnel.
  3. Reverse meter - Award subscribers for activity versus charging more.

You determine what areas of the website you want behind the wall. We can help you design a paywall solution that works for your market.

Content Security

Are you concerned about people easily getting around the wall to your content for free? Many of the paywall plugins we have seen use technology which allows people to easily view your valuable content without subscribing. As a matter of fact, there are websites dedicated to showing how to break the paywall on certain news sites within just a few minutes. Our unique technology uses methods which are very difficult if not impossible to break.

Cost and Time

For standard setups we can have you up and running within two business weeks. We offer very competitive rates. Learn more on our website at

Simple Contract

Quality is important to us and we don't want you to be locked into our service if you aren't happy. We want our quality of service and software usability to be our contract. If you want to change to another service, no problem, let us know and we will help you make the transition.

Want to start monetizing your online content? Visit to learn more. When you get there, fill out the form and one of the "Pigeons" here at Sabramedia will help you get started.