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Print News Should Embrace Digital, Not Surrender

John Paton, CEO of Digital First Media, recently gave a pep talk to his employees. One of the hardest things for humanity to embrace is change. Admittedly, not all change is good. But when the evidence shows that a tried and true model is failing, it's time to change. He eloquently points out the writing on the wall for the print industry, but aspires to the future.

Read the entire speech, by John Paton here.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from John's speech:

"The past does not buy the future. The future has to be built."

"Critics, both internal and external, voice concerns that by focusing on digital we are accelerating the death of print advertising.

Look, more than half of all newspaper print advertising has disappeared since 2006 in the US. Print doesn't need any help from me to continue its relentless decline."

"I hate that word content. It's like saying cargo. Well, there are all kinds of cargo all with different value.

We don't do content we do journalism and our cargo is precious."

Nick Johnson, CEO & Founder of Sabramedia. At the age of 8 he made his first $100 selling worms to fishermen. Business and commerce development is a way of life. He wrote his first program in BASIC on a Commodore 64 at the age of 10. He is the brainchild of Pigeon Paywall, a SaaS system that helps content creators grow their business in the digital space.

He has been talking with newspaper and digital media professionals around the world since 2009. Nick provides a knowledgeable perspective on web related topics for the newspaper and media industry. Sabramedia makes the Pigeon Paywall Platform and Pigeon Archive service.