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Sabramedia on the Move

The last three and a half years have been amazing years. We are now entering into a new phase of our company - and we are excited. We are making company changes that some will invariably disagree with or not understand. In order to squelch the rumor machine before it gets into gear, I would like to make an official announcement regarding these changes.

Web development will continue to play a primary role of our business. In addition to that, our Newsroom software service targeting the online newspaper and media industry is going to become a major focus of our company. You can learn more about this Software as a Service (SaaS) here. The Dubois County Herald is piloting this system for us as we continue to develop it. As many of you know the newspaper industry in general is going through a lot of changes. The medium for news consumption is moving rapidly online and onto mobile devices. We are in a good position to help community newspapers across the country succeed in online and mobile content delivery without compromising their revenue stream.

We received angel funding in 2008 which significantly helped us get to the point we are today. We have decided to "bootstrap" from here on out. There are a lot of benefits to bootstrapping. One major benefit is that it leaves the ultimate control over the direction our company will go in our hands - not the hands of an investor. That also means we have had to cut a lot expenses while we get Newsroom off the ground.

We have been located at the corner office of 1201 Main street in Jasper, Indiana. It has been a great place to cut our teeth, so to speak, in the team building and business education we needed to build an enduring and sustainable technology company. However, we have a lot of equity tied up in the building and at the same time there are a lot of monthly expenses connected with maintaining the building. Our current development team tested a remote business structure over the past couple months, and it has worked well.

So, for local clients you will see some activity at the corner of 12th and Main as we prepare the building for sale. Jasper Lumber will be making needed repairs. We don't have a buyer yet, but if any locals are looking for a business office, home, or even retail store this building is an excellent location.

Jasper, Indiana is a great town to start a technology company. The infrastructure is in place and the area is beautiful. The cost of living is much better than our West Coast counter parts. Most of the team will still live in and around Jasper. We have no plans of moving the company base from Jasper, Indiana. Jonathan will be moving to and working from Oklahoma as his wife, Joslyn, finishes the next phase of her education.

These decisions came through much prayer and careful discussion. Another motivator was Dave Ramsey, triggered in particular by the recent EntreLeadership event held here in Jasper. We have all individually and corporately been inspired to eliminate debt and follow the "baby steps" to a financially secure business. National and local clients can be encouraged that Sabramedia will be a debt free and stronger company with the sale of our building. The sale will also help us to expand our development staff quicker, thus enhancing our web development team and more quickly advancing feature releases of the Newsroom system.

We look forward to providing services that will help our current and future clients build stronger businesses as we make dramatic steps to strengthen our own business.

Best Regards to All

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