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State of Sabramedia 2012

We spent much of the latter part of 2011 and January of this year planning for the future. Our humble company turns five this year and we have learned a lot as a team. It has been a roller coaster ride and as roller coasters go there have been fun times and there have been twists and turns that make the stomach cramp... you know that feeling. However, the more you ride the better you can handle the twists and turns.

What's new from the Sabramedia team in 2012? Let's start with a paraphrase of the old proverb: "A company without vision will perish." Our new vision statement will help us stay on course to build a successful web development and software company in 2012.

Sabramedia Vision Statement

Our vision is to... build a highly sought after web development company through expert content creation and top notch service in order to become a leading provider of web management software to the newspaper, media, and ecommerce industries of the world.

With that vision in mind we also recognize the value of translating that vision into a mission that we can design goals and actions from.

Sabramedia 2012 Mission Statement

Our mission is to share our expertise with the world through writing and speaking as we establish market leadership and impact the web development industry for good. Our mission is also to become a highly sought after web development service provider by delivering an excellent experience to qualified clients as we lay the foundation for a world-changing software development company.

Practically what does this mean? We have gained so much real world technical and business experience that we believe we can pass this on so you can benefit. What this really means is we have made so many stupid mistakes that we hope by sharing with you our experience, you can avoid making those stupid mistakes yourself. We will be writing more here on the Sabramedia blog about the web development business, the newspaper and media industry online, as well as publishing expertise aritlces in other venues (e.g., Smashing Magazine).

Our team absolutely loves to develop websites. We are passionate about building well-designed and usable web sites and applications. We will continue expanding our skills and learning from others to provide world-class web development services to current and future clients.

Another area we are excited about is our Newsroom SaaS (Software as a Service) product. A big focus this year is to continue making the best paywall subscripition management software out there. We are looking forward to helping more local newspapers navigate the virtual landscape as the medium for news consumption moves online.

When an artist paints closely at the canvas for a long time he begins to lose site of the big picture. Sometimes the artist has to stand back. We did that with our company over the past couple of months. We definietly see areas that need improvement, but we are liking the progress being made.

Thanks to all our current and past clients who have shown faith in our company. We appreciate everyone of you. Especially those who have really challenged us. We are better for it.

If you have never worked with us before and are thinking about it. Give us shot, I think you will be pleased.


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