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Project Evaluations

A successful project at Sabramedia always begins with a carefully laid plan. We create that plan during our “Project Evaluation” process, which each project goes through before any work begins. Our evaluation process is divided into four parts:

  1. Research

    During the research process, our goal is to get to the heart of your project and gain as much of your organization’s perspective as possible. We spend time with you, asking questions and listening. As our research turns up problems or solutions, we run them by you and gather feedback.
  2. Recommendations

    As the evaluation process moves forward, we will present you with our recommendations. Depending on the nature of the project, those recommendations may be regarding specific technology, content organization, marketing strategies, or even business processes. Our recommendations are always driven by the context and goals of the project and, wherever appropriate, we will present you with options along with the recommended choice.
  3. Development Scope

    With the recommendations complete and a clear consensus on direction, we move forward and prepare a development scope. The scope is carefully and thoroughly detailed. In the case of a website design (or redesign), each page of the site is outlined, along with all the primary elements and their functionality. In the case of an application, the programming logic is detailed and the interfaces are outlined.
  4. Timeline & Estimate

    At the conclusion of the evaluation, we present you with a timeline and estimate for our team to implement the recommendations. The estimate is firm and nearly always falls within the ballpark we offer at the onset of the evaluation. A firm estimate means there are no surprises on price later on into the project, an important benefit of a carefully developed scope.

Evaluation Pricing

A careful evaluation, like the blueprints for a new building, takes time to develop and money to develop. Depending on the type of project and the nature of the evaluation, it will fit into one of two pricing models:

  1. Premium

    Most design, redesign, and new development projects fall into this category. Depending on the size and scale of the project, and giving consideration to the amount of time and urgency of the process, the cost will usually range between $2500 - $5000.
  2. Complimentary

    In cases where a project fits neatly into the research and scope of an already completed evaluation, we may offer to prepare an informal scope and estimate at no cost. This is often the case with smaller web design projects that fall into categories we’re already familiar with.

Getting Started

To start the evaluation process, fill out the form below, sharing as much detail as your time allows. We will review your request and get back to you accordingly.

What Our Clients Say

“Over the years I have worked with countless web developers, programmers, graphic designers, and marketing consultants to help get my businesses off the ground and become successful, and nearly every time I was disappointed at some level. They never seemed to have a real interest in me or my business.

Through a stroke of luck or blessing I crossed paths with one of the principles of Sabramedia and proceeded to explain my vision. It was like a boulder was lifted off my shoulders when he explained to me what his company was all about and how they could help me in all the areas I needed. There was an immediate bond and, to date, for the last 18 months I have watched my business start to grow in ways I always knew it could because I have a super talented, honest, ethical, hard working team of professionals making sure I don't have to worry about my web development needs at all. Plus, they have a solid understanding of internet marketing as well, which has provided me with countless other ideas to implement in my businesses that they have helped me with.

I truly feel like I have a long term partner in my business now to deal with technical issues with my websites that need to be dealt with in this day and age. They are always current with "Best Practices" for all areas they specialize in.

It's uncommon to find a company that works so hard at all facets of their business, all in an effort to completely satisfy their customers and clients, and Sabramedia does that. They give new meaning to the age old business cliche: "Under Promise and Over Deliver". And they do it every day.”

Travis Walker

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